Behaviour Analysis Related to Social Media Aspect Opinion Mining

Base Text

Joe Joe Post:

"The emerging capabilities of Generative AI demand of us to re-evaluate how we view the old dichotomy of implicit and explicit knowledge. Yes, we must continue to engage in the rich, contextual conversations through our knowledge networks and Communities of Practice. But equally, we need to re-embrace the practice of making our knowledge explicit. Because AI will be able to transform all of it into something new that's coherent, contextually appropriate, and actionable in a situation at hand."

Replyer 1:

You always know more than you can say and you will always say more than you can write down. AI is simply synthesising existing written material (which increasingly and dangerously includes its own work). Your suggestion of 'transformation' is only true in the sense of dumbing down human knowledge. You are perpetuating the KM codification fantasy that started with Nona's. And it was never a dichotomy for anyone who seriously thought about the subject

Replyer 2:
Replyer 1 I am also worried about what you mentioned.
At the pace we are putting out AI generated content massively I assume not so far away in the future we will get to a point were we will mainly self-feeding it and reinforce a bias based vicious circle. Won't we?

Replyer 3:
Replyer 2 We've always had filter bubbles and AI runs the risk of exacerbating that condition.

Replyer 4:
Replyer 1 Thank you for th his call out.

Analysis Result

Joe Joe
  • Aspect: Generative AI and knowledge managementc
  • Opinion: Positive outlook on AI's role in transforming knowledge
  • Arousal: 0.7 (indicating strong engagement with the topic)
  • Sentiment: Positive
  • Emotions:
    • Interest (0.8)
    • Anticipation (0.7)
    • Trust (0.6)
  • Mindset:
    • Openness (0.8)
    • Conscientiousness (0.7)
    • Extraversion (0.5)
  • Social:
    • Engagement (0.8)
    • Adaptability (0.7)
    • Cohesion (0.6)
  • Descriptive Insight: He sees AI as a transformative tool in knowledge management, emphasizing the blend of implicit and explicit knowledge.
  • Overall Insight: Positive outlook on AI, focusing on its potential to enhance knowledge management practices.
  • Overall Guidance: Embrace AI's capabilities in knowledge transformation, balancing implicit and explicit knowledge.

Replyer 1
  • Aspect: AI in knowledge management
  • Opinion: Skeptical about AI's ability to enhance human knowledge
  • Arousal: 0.6
  • Sentiment: Negative
  • Emotions:
    • Apprehension (0.7)
    • Annoyance (0.6)
    • Disgust (0.5)
  • Mindset:
    • Neuroticism (0.7)
    • Resistant (0.6)
    • Paranoid (0.5)
  • Social:
    • Disunion (0.7)
    • Disengagement (0.6)
    • Disrespect (0.5)
  • Descriptive Insight: He expresses skepticism towards AI in knowledge management, questioning its effectiveness and impact on human knowledge.
  • Overall Insight: Cautionary stance on AI's role in knowledge management, emphasizing potential downsides.
  • Overall Guidance: Be wary of over-reliance on AI for knowledge management; focus on human aspects.

Replyer 2
  • Aspect: AI-generated content and potential biases
  • Opinion: Concerned about self-feeding biases in AI
  • Arousal: 0.5
  • Sentiment: Negative
  • Emotions:
    • Fear (0.7)
    • Vigilance (0.6)
    • Annoyance (0.5)
  • Mindset:
    • Paranoid (0.7)
    • Compulsive (0.6)
    • Neuroticism (0.5)
  • Social:
    • Disunion (0.7)
    • Disengagement (0.6)
    • Disloyalty (0.5)
  • Descriptive Insight: He worries about the reinforcing bias cycle in AI-generated content.
  • Overall Insight: Concerns over AI perpetuating biases and the need for careful management.
  • Overall Guidance: Be cautious about bias in AI; ensure diversity and balance in AI inputs.

Replyer 3
  • Aspect: AI and filter bubbles
  • Opinion: Acknowledges existing biases and AI's role in exacerbating them
  • Arousal: 0.4
  • Sentiment: Neutral
  • Emotions:
    • Reflection (0.5)
    • Patience (0.4)
    • Uncertainty (0.3)
  • Mindset:
    • Analytical (0.5)
    • Reflective (0.4)
    • Observant (0.3)
  • Social:
    • Observation (0.5)
    • Neutrality (0.4)
    • Indifference (0.3)
  • Descriptive Insight: He recognizes the risk of AI in intensifying filter bubbles.
  • Overall Insight: Neutral but cautious view on AI, pointing out its potential to deepen existing biases.
  • Overall Guidance: Encourage critical analysis and awareness of biases in AI usage.

Replyer 4
  • Aspect: AI's impact on knowledge management
  • Opinion: Appreciation for highlighting AI's limitations in knowledge transformation
  • Arousal: 0.3
  • Sentiment: Neutral
  • Emotions:
    • Prudence (0.4)
    • Reflection (0.3)
    • Patience (0.2)
  • Mindset:
    • Reflective (0.4)
    • Balanced (0.3)
    • Observant (0.2)
  • Social:
    • Composure (0.4)
    • Neutrality (0.3)
    • Equilibrium (0.2)
  • Descriptive Insight: She values the recognition of AI's limits in effectively transforming knowledge.
  • Overall Insight: Neutral stance, emphasizing the need to be aware of AI's limitations in knowledge management.
  • Overall Guidance: Promote balanced and reflective approaches to AI in knowledge management.

This analysis provides a nuanced understanding of each individual's stance on AI's role in knowledge management
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