We support organizations to establish a relationship with their stakeholders to create a "perceived" connection with each of them.

To get into the mental map of the journeys that people go through in their daily lives and the agenda of what they have to do and to experience, making the brand relevant, differentiated and preferred.

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How do we make this possible?

Our platform analyses text flows in all types of digital ambience, including online social media, communication platforms, call centers, e-mails, and similar, using Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Semiotics and Linguistics.

It gives to the organization perspectives and cognitive insights about sentiments, emotions and mental processes expressed by their stakeholders.

What is the platform basic data?

Texts are our basic data. We have developed proprietary lexicons which combined with our algorithmic processes lead us to the interpretations of the text flows.

It can be applied to structured or unstructured data ambience. And if your data are in other formats, such as audio, it is transformed into text (the technology includes multilingual support).

Why analyze the context?

Establish a systematic process of analysis of the internal and external environment where the organization operates for the continuous evolution of the business plan and for the direction of actions. The analysis of the organizational context helps to identify risks, trends, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, in addition to acting in the development of plans, strategies, skills and knowledge.

How does Relattivo operate?

Our structure and platform allow an extremely flexible operation.

We suggest a Strategy and Management squad and a Operational squad that manages the interactions with the stakeholders, including monitoring, profiling, understanding and intervention.

Our platform can also operate as an assisted or autonomous support technology for Social Media Agents or any other type of agents / softwares.

Platform Other Use Cases

Communication Strategy
  • Cognitive Models and LLMs: Utilizing large language models to analyze and generate dynamic, context-sensitive communications.
  • Lexicon Technologies: Tailoring language and terminology to fit the unique context of each organization.
  • Risk Assessment: AI-driven analysis to identify potential risks in communication strategies, especially in crisis situations.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Leveraging analytics and metrics to inform communication strategies and measure their effectiveness.

  • Branding Strategy: AI helps in crafting strategies that resonate with target demographics.
  • Branding Research: Leveraging AI to analyze market trends and consumer preferences.
  • Media Agent and Measurement: Using AI to select optimal media channels and measure branding impact.
  • Branding Intelligence Reports & Insights: Generating reports that provide deep insights into brand performance and opportunities.

  • Targeted Advertising: Using AI algorithms to create highly targeted ad campaigns based on consumer behavior and preferences.
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis: Analyzing consumer data to understand and predict trends, assisting in crafting more effective advertisements.
  • Customer Review Analysis: Utilizing AI to analyze customer reviews for insights into consumer satisfaction and product improvement areas.
  • Personalization of Publicity: Leveraging AI to tailor advertising content to individual preferences, resulting in more engaging and effective marketing.

Social Media Analysis
  • Trend Analysis: Identifying and analyzing current trends on social media to keep the content relevant and engaging.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Using large language models to gauge public sentiment towards products, services, or brands.
  • Emotion Analysis: Going beyond sentiment, this involves analyzing the emotional tone of social media posts to gain a deeper understanding of consumer reactions.
  • Social Analysis: Examining social media interactions to understand social dynamics, influence patterns, and network structures. This can help in identifying key influencers and opinion leaders.

Human Resources
  • 360 Behavior and Skills Assessment: AI-driven tools for comprehensive assessment of employee skills and behavior.
  • Curriculum and Job Description Matching: Automatically matching job descriptions with candidate profiles.
  • Skills Mapping: Creating a company-wide skills map to identify gaps and training needs.
  • Proximal Skills Expertise Map: Developing detailed maps of skills proximities to understand team dynamics and potential.


It is important to highlight that all services will follow the applicable local law related to data privacy and security, and will follow a strict code of ethics and conduct.

Who we are?

We are a research and deployment company that is part of a Brazilian innovation and high-technology hub, headquartered in São Paulo and with offices in Europe, which develops and invests in companies, initiatives and solutions focused on positive impact in line with our vision of a human-centered, sustainable, ethical and resilient world.

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